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Vista System has been recognized by SEGD as a company that employs Green practices
26-Oct-16 18:28 

NEWS - Vista System has been recognized by SEGD as a company that employs Green practices
Vista System has been recognized by SEGD as a company that employs Green practices in the creation of its modular system.
Vista System Going Green

Vista System, the pioneer and leading sign manufacturer in the MCFT market, is proud to participate in the creation of a greener sign industry by introducing an environmentally friendly modular sign system to the market.


Vista System has been recognized as "Green" by SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design Green Committee), as the company carefully observes that the processes and materials used throughout the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of its goods are as environmentally friendly as possible.


The term "Green", in the building and sign industries, is awarded to companies whose products meet the following key criteria:


Longevity - Vista System allows changing elements of the sign while maintaining the system over a long period of time.  Resource and Waste Management – Vista System is based on modular components that are easy to separate into individual recyclable elements. The packaging system can also be recycled or reused. Air and Environment Quality – Vista System’s products use mechanical fasteners instead of harmful out-gassing adhesives. The digital printed parts of the signs are sealed under polymer. There is minimal or no out-gassing. Energy Efficiency – The predominant materials utilized in Vista System’s products are recycled aluminum and polymer - a low energy consumption material. Education and Interpretation – Vista provides extensive guidance to the end user in the green use of the product.


For further information, please consult the attached documents: “Vista System Green Strategy Statement” and “Questions & Answers”, which present in-depth descriptions of the efforts made by Vista.


For further information, visit www.vistasystem.com or contact Client Service at Vista System,

1800 N East Ave. Unit 102, Sarasota, FL, 34234 USA.

Phone: 800-468-4782 (941-365-4646 Internationally).

Fax: 888-316-5198 (941-955-2681 Internationally).

E-Mail: usa@vistasystem.com

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