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MTI Dry: The Stucco's Not to Blame. It Needs to Drain.
25-Sep-18 16:27 

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The Stucco's Not to Blame.

It Needs to Drain.

Stucco Solutions - Rainscreens & Compatible Accessories


High Performance Walls - 
Meet Advanced Drainage
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.Reducing air and heat flow through walls eliminates the drying that classic walls needed. Stucco failures aren't a stucco problem - they're a systems issue.

The antidote for what Dr. Lstiburek calls "The Coming Stucco-Pocalypse" is adding drying back into the equation with a rainscreen air gap and the compatible accessories.
Video: 5 Things to Know About Rainscreens
Stucco Details & Solutions

Keep It Dry. Specify MTI. 

Learn more at MTIdry.com



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