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Below is a list of the latest materials offered through Architect-Forum. If you wish to view the complete list of courses available click on the Latest Courses link. For any of the courses available click the course title link to view course details, subscribe and go to course or add it to your calendar to complete at a later date.

Architect-Forum reports all AIA completed credits on every Monday of every week.


Latest Courses 

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Automated Vehicular Gate Systems: For System Design Compliance to Safety Standards
Updated: 12-19-2014 | Course No: AG3202-W | Narration: No | Present a familiarization with an understanding of UL 325 and ASTM F2200 applicable to automated vehicular gates. This course will educate specifiers to safety standards in the interest of client safety and liability associated with automated vehicular gates.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: AutoGate, Inc.|About the Sponsor
PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION - Underwriters Testing Procedures, Design Classifications and Code
Course No: PF0702-W | Narration: Yes | The scope of the presentation includes Sprayed Fire Resistance Materials or SFRM, Spec Section 07 81 00 and Thin Film Fire Resistance Materials, Spec section 07 81 23. SFRM or Passive Fire Protection Components vs Fire Sprinklers which are active Fire Protection Components. They need to be activated by elevated temperatures due to fire.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Promat LLC|About the Sponsor
Combat Mold Improve Indoor Air Quality and Specify MgO Products
Course No: DB0601-W | Narration: No | Provides an overview of Indoor Air Quality, along with a discussion on IAQ health issues associated with Mold and Fungus. The program looks at the causes of Mold and Fungus in today’s structures and examines how specifying MgO products is a great alternative solution to dealing with Mold and Fungus.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: DragonBoard USA|About the Sponsor
Understanding ADA Compliance and Guidelines for Detectable Warnings
Course No: TW3205-W | Narration: No | ADA California Compliant | This course will provide a comprehensive, up to date overview of the current requirements, standards, and guidelines within the ADA, ADAAG, PROWAAC and more. These guidelines and regulations help ensure the safety and welfare of our beloved Disabled Citizens. In the final chapters of this presentation there are several comparisons made which contrast the difference between the various types of Detectable Warning products that are currently available in the industry including Hi-Tech Concrete. Also included is an overview of how each system can fail if not installed properly.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: TekWay Dome-Tiles by StrongGo|About the Sponsor
Accessibility, Safety and Platform Lifts and Elevators
Course No: GL1401-W | Narration: No | ADA California Compliant | We recognize the importance of elevators and lifts in today’s design industry. Lifts and elevators can be an extraordinary feature added to a home or building that will enhance the life quality and safety of the end user. In this program the learner will learn about the requirements for platform lifts, the different types of lifts, and basic product design. Will also gain an understanding of code compliance issues, and how to solve accessibility problems, and solutions for evacuation for persons with disabilities.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: |HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Garaventa Ltd.|About the Sponsor
Hi-Tech Steam Bathing in Today’s Shower
Course No: MS1004-W | Narration: No | Provide an overview of how today's showers include Hi-Tech Steam Bathing. The course will teach how steam improves the wellness of life, while providing an understanding of how steam shower systems are properly designed, installed, and how they work.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: mr.steam|About the Sponsor
Transforming Windows Into Heating and Energy Saving Assets
Course No: WW0801-W | Narration: No | In this course we are going to introduce you to radical window systems that can adjust the effective R-value of the windows to match or exceed the walls in which they are mounted. Furthermore the windows in this system can act as a primary or supplemental heating system. The window system efficiencies will provide the designing architect an evolutionary opportunity to expand design latitude, all this accompanied by significant energy savings and economic justification.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: |HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: WoodWindows|About the Sponsor
Overview of Ceramic Glazed Brick & Structural Glazed Tile
Course No: EB0401-W | Narration: No | In this course, you will discover how clay is transformed into environmentally sound and durable structural ceramic glazed masonry products; and the ASTM testing that make sizes and shapes structurally sound while providing life and property safety. You will learn how structural glazed brick and tile differ from a polymer (plastic) coated CMU (block), as well as how ceramic glazed brick performs in freeze-thaw climates to insure better building safety. The program also reviews cost comparisons, industry nomenclature, applicable ASTM standards and technical data. In addition, you will see a wide variety of buildings and applications.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Elgin Butler Company|About the Sponsor
Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting: Sustainable Solution
Course No: SOL261-W | Narration: Yes | This program will provide design professionals an in depth explanation of solar outdoor lighting. Solar lighting can be an effective way to cut down on the over all energy foot print and provide a brighter and safer way for pedestrians. The use of solar lighting helps bring down the energy usage thus reducing the growing source of CO2 emissions in the US. This type of system can create a more reliable and energy efficient environment. The design professional will also learn about the controls needed to make a more cost effective lighting solution that will meet the requirements to earn LEED points in a project.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Sol Inc.®|About the Sponsor
Operable Glass Wall Systems in Green Design
Course No: NAN0801-W | Narration: No | Provides an overview of the characteristics of large opening glass walls that makes them valuable in green building design.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: Yes|Sponsor: NanaWall Systems, Inc.|About the Sponsor
ADA Barrier-Free Bathware for Assisted Living - II
Course No: CB2202-W | Narration: Yes | ADA California Compliant | At the conclusion of this program the designer will have gained knowledge and understanding over the following: The different Codes and Regulations that govern compliance. ADA requirements for shower stalls. Available ADA compliant shower stalls. New ADA Standards Taking Effect in 2012 Understanding the proper applications for different ADA complaint showers. Proper installation of a barrier free shower.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Clarion Bathware|About the Sponsor
Sustainable Design Through EIFS: When To Use It
Course No: EW0703-W | Narration: No | Provides an overview of the differences between EIFS and Stucco. And also discusses the compositions and types of EIFS available today and why EIFS has gone through growing pains in the construction industry. At the conclusion of the program you will be able to understand the benefits, applications and performance of an EIFS system.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Energex Wall Systems|About the Sponsor
National Automated Gate Standards: Using Knowledge of UL325 and ASTM 2200 to Minimize Corporate Liability
Course No: TY0805-W | Narration: No | Provides an overview of how to properly specify automated vehicular gates and important facts to know about UL325 and ASTM F 2200 Standards as they apply to automated gates. The program will cover in detail the standards and what to know to protect firm and client liability.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Tymetal Corp.|About the Sponsor
Selecting a Resin-Based Coating for Metal
Course No: AK0901 | Narration: Yes | There are many kinds of resin-based coatings for metal, and two primary application techniques. In this course each of these coatings and application techniques are described and illustrated, along with important information on why these coatings fail and how the performance of these coatings is measured. The primary goal of this course is to provide architects and others who work with resin-based coatings for metal with the information they need to ensure that the coated product will perform as expected and provide a durable and long-lasting finish.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Arkema Inc.|About the Sponsor
Use of Water-based PVDF Coatings for Sustainable Design
Course No: AK0902 | Narration: Yes | This course provides an overview of the basics of water-based PVDF coatings and how they help attain sustainability goals. The course begins with a brief description of the components of a weatherable coating, and describes the function of each. Because of its critical role in the weatherability and sustainability properties of water-based PVDF coatings, the chemistry of the carbon-fluoride bond is also described.
Price : Free|LU: 1.0|CEU: .10|HSW: Yes|SD: No|Sponsor: Arkema Inc.|About the Sponsor

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Architect-Forum reports all AIA completed credits to the AIA CES on every Monday of every week.

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